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Visit You Next Minimoto Race in a Motorhome

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Visit You Next Minimoto Race in a Motorhome

Investing in a good way to spend your holidays will always pay off, but if you want to get the best possible results and a truly exciting experience, it’s important to be creative and have lots of freedom as well. That’s what a motorhome delivers, and many people throughout the country are checking out the immense benefits that a motorhome can provide. Getting one is indeed a solid investment for any person that has an adventurous heart.

Lots of freedom

This is by far the best thing about having a motorhome. Unrivaled freedom and the ability to continue living in comfort while also exploring your region, country of further afield. Having a motorhome is fun, it’s immersive and it manages to deliver some of the coolest experiences that you ever had, which is what matters the most. The world is your oyster and you have a great way to enjoy life!

Great comfort

Usually travelers don’t have home comforts because they just take a sleeping bag, tent and the necessary tools with them. With a motorhome though you get a fully blown home comfort and access to all the items you want. It’s an amazing thing for sure and something that provides an immense quality for the entire trip. Just remember that you have a sofa, kitchen, bathroom, bed and many other amenities that can be found only in a hotel.

Stop and visit anything you want

When you plan a holiday you have to take into account flight times and so on. When you have a motorhome these are no longer issues, because you have the unique ability to stop and visit the region you want for as much time as you want. You create your own schedule and it all comes down to how much free time you have, because the accommodation is free and you won’t have to deal with delays or flight cancellations.

No luggage limits

Luggage limits are definitely some of the worst restrictions that can happen. If you take into account the fact that a motorhome doesn’t come with any luggage limitations, then you can easily understand why getting one can help you avoid a lot of headache and restrictions.

A small investment for a lifetime of adventures

Once you invest in a motorhome, you have it for years to come. This is by far one of those investments that will give you countless days and years of enjoyment, so getting one is surely well worth the initial purchase.

In conclusion, purchasing a motorhome is an amazing investment and one that pay off in the long run. It’s an extraordinary way to enjoy your free time wherever you want, without any restrictions. Basically, a motorhome allows you to see and experience the adventures as you see fit, which is the ultimate for any person that likes to travel!

Mini Moto Racing

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Mini Moto Racing – An Adventure worth Admiring

With the advent or ‘Kart Racing’ sweeping the world with its fascinating colors and mini cars and countless videogames about it, (I am looking at you Mario Kart), mini vehicles or just mini things have sparked a love for themselves. With a generation growing up on Mario Kart, there is an absolute fascination with the motor world being smaller than it usually is and Moto racing is not far behind ininterest. Of course when you are talking about cars, your mind will naturally wander to other half of the motor world: motorcycles. And how well they have they adapted to the mini revolution? Well does a whole licensed racing event do anything for you?

The technique to sit right on the back requires exquisite training and control of one’s weight. But that is not all, you have to be able to control that weight in the moving vehicle and learn to execute perfectturns by distributing your weight over the small area, so if you think it is easy, think again! Mini-moto is also seen as a safer and more affordable way to train children for the full sized sport. Adults too, train for the full sized sport on the bikes as it is seen as a much safer and more cost effective way to practice.


Mini Moto racing or sometimes known as “Pocket Bike Racing” or even “Circus Racing “is a sport that first gained popularity in Japan with adults riding small but fully functional motorbikes. The bike isusually a fourth of an original sized bike and has a two-stroke engine powering it. The bikes can have a horsepower of 2 hp to 17 hp, depending on what the rider wants. But with children, 2-5 hp engine is commonly used. And that is where the sport gains popularity as well. With the Moto Racing GP being as glamorous and exciting as it is, children feel left out of it, but not anymore with the min-moto racing. But adults are not far behind, and if anything, ahead of children in their like for the sport.

The mini-moto racing sport has many loyal fans because it is fully supported by companies producing mini moto bikes. An example of a company is UK Mini Moto Racing Experts. Starting in 1995 the company has prospered with the popularity and growth of the sport and continues to produce well-ordained and excellent quality mini-moto bikes, with its most popular line being the GRC series.


With mini moto racing events all year round this year it is no surprise that the sport gains new followers every day. The next major events take place on October 5th 2015, Oct 11th and 23th so you have got yourself a busy month if you are a mini moto enthusiast. And with one last event of the year on the 27thof November, expect a huge party! The events take place in Cam Park and Barossa so if you are in the area take a gander!

Mini Moto Games for Kids

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A Child’s Playground – Mini Moto Games for Kids

A Mini Moto is perhaps the best gift for a child who is adventurous and wants to explore. Your daughter or son will have an absolute marvelous time playing on the 50cc pocket bike you give the, it’ll be a lot more fun if you build them a whole track as well! Kids are a lot more imaginative then we will ever be and most of the time they’ll come up with their own games. This becomes no truer when mini motos are involved, as kids will stir up even more adventurous and fun filled games that will be sure to give them a wonderful and memorable childhood.

What Bikes to get your child

Before your child and the neighbor children go off and play on their mini dirtbikes, you need to decide and see if the bike you get your child is the right one! Most of the time parents get their children the mini motor bikes that do not fit them. Their feet don’t reach the ground securely or they can’t hold the handle bars tightly. This happens when parents get their kids bigger bikes like the profession racers the child idolizes. Don’t do this; it might be not such a good idea and it might get your child hurt. The right or rather perfect way to go is the 50cc mini moto. You should go with an automatic mini moto as the clutch and gear system might be a little complicated for the young child. If your child is talented, the manual will work. If somehow the 50cc mini moto proves to be smaller for your child, there is always the 70cc or the 80cc option. Parents should avoid the 100cc option as it is considered a little too fast and dangerous for someone that young.

The Games

  • Pretend

Perhaps the first thing your child will do is to mimic the motorbike racer he or she idolizes. It is very likely that your child only got into motorbikes by seeing someone they thought looked ‘cool’ with a motorbike. This can either be dad or mom or someone on TV, or even some next door neighbor. Your child will put on the helmet and ride their bike in the same way as their hero.

  • Racing

It is also very likely that your child got into motorbikes because all of the neighbor children already had mini motos or got them after seeing their favorite star on TV. Children will bond over their mini motos and will race each other. Parents have to be careful to ensure safety with the tracks that the children race in as well as with personal safety. Helmets and bike jackets should not be overlooked.

  • Setting Records

Every child would also want to show off and would do their best to stand out. In doing so, they will perform feats that no one has ever seen before and will create neighborhood legends out of them because of the duration of time they kept that wheelie or by how many laps they beat the other kids.

Get the best for your kids and see them smile and enjoy to the max. So Let the Moto Games begin!

Mini Moto Dirt Bikes

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Mini Moto Dirt Bikes

Much like how the go-cart came into being, the mini moto or the pocketbike was as a result of need for a smaller transportation. Innovators and enthusiasts saw the potential for what could be a smaller and faster dirt bike and took it upon themselves to build one in their garages. Bike racers started calling these bikes ‘pit bikes’ as they could be made to have top notch control and speed in drag raced.


  • Minimoto

These sorts of bikes are the evolved form of the original concept as they tend to be more like sport bikes. They are available in 39-50cc models where speeds can reach up to 64km/h. Minimotos are usually made with two stroke engines but a “super mini moto” is available which has a four stroke engine capable of 110 cc worth of power.

  • Pitbikes

This is what the mini moto evolved from. The pitbike was actually the original concept of the home innovators when they had the small and fast ways of transportation in mind. These bikes are now professionally prepared as the popularity of these bikes is still very high. So high that there are major yearly motocross events such as the Las Vegas Mini Supercorss, which is celebrates the minimoto in the best way possible. Bikes are also carefully prepared with safety in mind to avoid hazards and accidents.

  • Super Minimoto

Super mini moto or ‘midi’ bikes are a bigger version of the pocketbike. Although it is still lesser in size to the average size bike, the midi moto comes bearing 110cc worth of power which is very much capable of making the vehicle travel 65mph with its four stroke engine. A two stroke version is also available. The midi moto meets all the requirements for it to be used on roads, as its little brother mini moto does not. The midi moto is however sold for off-road purposes only so driving it on a normal road would still be a problem for the owner and law enforcement. Its small size as compared to normal bikes makes it a little trouble maker even though it meets all traffic requirements.

  • Quad Bikes

A little brother of the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), this quad bike is just a smaller version with a smaller engine but still very much capable or a sure drive.

A Trend Setter

Racers in the 1950s found how much easier it became to take these bikes around wherever they wanted to as they only took space for about a small bicycle. They could fit them in their trucks and trailers and soon started bringing them home. It is here when kids saw the potential for themselves to own and drive one of these pocketbikes as they were they perfect size for them. They sought guidance from the Popular Mechanics magazine and soon built own bikes, with lawnmower engines powering the whole machine. The 60’s and 70’swere the most popular times for these mini motos as many companies accommodated the growing demand for them.