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Mini Moto Dirt Bikes

Much like how the go-cart came into being, the mini moto or the pocketbike was as a result of need for a smaller transportation. Innovators and enthusiasts saw the potential for what could be a smaller and faster dirt bike and took it upon themselves to build one in their garages. Bike racers started calling these bikes ‘pit bikes’ as they could be made to have top notch control and speed in drag raced.


  • Minimoto

These sorts of bikes are the evolved form of the original concept as they tend to be more like sport bikes. They are available in 39-50cc models where speeds can reach up to 64km/h. Minimotos are usually made with two stroke engines but a “super mini moto” is available which has a four stroke engine capable of 110 cc worth of power.

  • Pitbikes

This is what the mini moto evolved from. The pitbike was actually the original concept of the home innovators when they had the small and fast ways of transportation in mind. These bikes are now professionally prepared as the popularity of these bikes is still very high. So high that there are major yearly motocross events such as the Las Vegas Mini Supercorss, which is celebrates the minimoto in the best way possible. Bikes are also carefully prepared with safety in mind to avoid hazards and accidents.

  • Super Minimoto

Super mini moto or ‘midi’ bikes are a bigger version of the pocketbike. Although it is still lesser in size to the average size bike, the midi moto comes bearing 110cc worth of power which is very much capable of making the vehicle travel 65mph with its four stroke engine. A two stroke version is also available. The midi moto meets all the requirements for it to be used on roads, as its little brother mini moto does not. The midi moto is however sold for off-road purposes only so driving it on a normal road would still be a problem for the owner and law enforcement. Its small size as compared to normal bikes makes it a little trouble maker even though it meets all traffic requirements.

  • Quad Bikes

A little brother of the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), this quad bike is just a smaller version with a smaller engine but still very much capable or a sure drive.

A Trend Setter

Racers in the 1950s found how much easier it became to take these bikes around wherever they wanted to as they only took space for about a small bicycle. They could fit them in their trucks and trailers and soon started bringing them home. It is here when kids saw the potential for themselves to own and drive one of these pocketbikes as they were they perfect size for them. They sought guidance from the Popular Mechanics magazine and soon built own bikes, with lawnmower engines powering the whole machine. The 60’s and 70’swere the most popular times for these mini motos as many companies accommodated the growing demand for them.