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A Child’s Playground – Mini Moto Games for Kids

A Mini Moto is perhaps the best gift for a child who is adventurous and wants to explore. Your daughter or son will have an absolute marvelous time playing on the 50cc pocket bike you give the, it’ll be a lot more fun if you build them a whole track as well! Kids are a lot more imaginative then we will ever be and most of the time they’ll come up with their own games. This becomes no truer when mini motos are involved, as kids will stir up even more adventurous and fun filled games that will be sure to give them a wonderful and memorable childhood.

What Bikes to get your child

Before your child and the neighbor children go off and play on their mini dirtbikes, you need to decide and see if the bike you get your child is the right one! Most of the time parents get their children the mini motor bikes that do not fit them. Their feet don’t reach the ground securely or they can’t hold the handle bars tightly. This happens when parents get their kids bigger bikes like the profession racers the child idolizes. Don’t do this; it might be not such a good idea and it might get your child hurt. The right or rather perfect way to go is the 50cc mini moto. You should go with an automatic mini moto as the clutch and gear system might be a little complicated for the young child. If your child is talented, the manual will work. If somehow the 50cc mini moto proves to be smaller for your child, there is always the 70cc or the 80cc option. Parents should avoid the 100cc option as it is considered a little too fast and dangerous for someone that young.

The Games

  • Pretend

Perhaps the first thing your child will do is to mimic the motorbike racer he or she idolizes. It is very likely that your child only got into motorbikes by seeing someone they thought looked ‘cool’ with a motorbike. This can either be dad or mom or someone on TV, or even some next door neighbor. Your child will put on the helmet and ride their bike in the same way as their hero.

  • Racing

It is also very likely that your child got into motorbikes because all of the neighbor children already had mini motos or got them after seeing their favorite star on TV. Children will bond over their mini motos and will race each other. Parents have to be careful to ensure safety with the tracks that the children race in as well as with personal safety. Helmets and bike jackets should not be overlooked.

  • Setting Records

Every child would also want to show off and would do their best to stand out. In doing so, they will perform feats that no one has ever seen before and will create neighborhood legends out of them because of the duration of time they kept that wheelie or by how many laps they beat the other kids.

Get the best for your kids and see them smile and enjoy to the max. So Let the Moto Games begin!