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Mini Moto Racing – An Adventure worth Admiring

With the advent or ‘Kart Racing’ sweeping the world with its fascinating colors and mini cars and countless videogames about it, (I am looking at you Mario Kart), mini vehicles or just mini things have sparked a love for themselves. With a generation growing up on Mario Kart, there is an absolute fascination with the motor world being smaller than it usually is and Moto racing is not far behind ininterest. Of course when you are talking about cars, your mind will naturally wander to other half of the motor world: motorcycles. And how well they have they adapted to the mini revolution? Well does a whole licensed racing event do anything for you?

The technique to sit right on the back requires exquisite training and control of one’s weight. But that is not all, you have to be able to control that weight in the moving vehicle and learn to execute perfectturns by distributing your weight over the small area, so if you think it is easy, think again! Mini-moto is also seen as a safer and more affordable way to train children for the full sized sport. Adults too, train for the full sized sport on the bikes as it is seen as a much safer and more cost effective way to practice.


Mini Moto racing or sometimes known as “Pocket Bike Racing” or even “Circus Racing “is a sport that first gained popularity in Japan with adults riding small but fully functional motorbikes. The bike isusually a fourth of an original sized bike and has a two-stroke engine powering it. The bikes can have a horsepower of 2 hp to 17 hp, depending on what the rider wants. But with children, 2-5 hp engine is commonly used. And that is where the sport gains popularity as well. With the Moto Racing GP being as glamorous and exciting as it is, children feel left out of it, but not anymore with the min-moto racing. But adults are not far behind, and if anything, ahead of children in their like for the sport.

The mini-moto racing sport has many loyal fans because it is fully supported by companies producing mini moto bikes. An example of a company is UK Mini Moto Racing Experts. Starting in 1995 the company has prospered with the popularity and growth of the sport and continues to produce well-ordained and excellent quality mini-moto bikes, with its most popular line being the GRC series.


With mini moto racing events all year round this year it is no surprise that the sport gains new followers every day. The next major events take place on October 5th 2015, Oct 11th and 23th so you have got yourself a busy month if you are a mini moto enthusiast. And with one last event of the year on the 27thof November, expect a huge party! The events take place in Cam Park and Barossa so if you are in the area take a gander!